Monday, 11 March 2013

Daves at it again.....Universal Job Farce

Today I went to sign on!!!

Upon arriving expecting to see "Dave" I was asked to go to another Adviser as Dave wasn't able to see me.
@14:34pm 11/3/13

Now the reason for this was "Dave" was sanctioning a claimant for not using Universal Job Match.
Now I hear you Dave... "its compulsory" Dave loves that term as do many other liars in the Job Center.

What was the reason for the claimant not using this Great Service "I don't know how to use email or computers" was his answer. And very justifiable too.

Now I was sitting right next to the fella and without a doubt he had learning difficulties. Now, not once did
Dave explain the use of the IAD upstairs or the fact that he could get help with the registration process
as the claimant wasn't refusing to register but didn't know how to.

 (another company being setup for this purpose)

Off to the decision maker it goes... poor bloke. I will be reporting Dave's poor communication skills and advice or lack of it to DWP.

All the while this was going on My own adviser a lovely lady who will remain nameless advised me that I have to use the universal Job Match service, after I pointed out that I have registered independently of JCP / DWP with a disposable email address and wish not to upload my CV due to security and privacy issues, I was also not handing over my ID (12 digit code)
I also pointed out the following:

"Universal Jobmatch Toolkit 5.3.13
Reviewing job search activity - claimant not using Universal Jobmatch
89. In cases where a claimant is not using Universal Jobmatch, they will show
the steps they can be reasonably expected to take to actively seek work
that can give them the best prospects of employment, through other
90. In these cases, you will review a claimant’s jobsearch activity using the
evidence they provide as described in paragraph 83

After speaking with her Boss/Supervisor all was dandy and she accepted my findings.

Out of 10 jobs applied for on UJM I was redirected to the likes of:

  • CV-Library
  • Job site 
      amongst others, It seems like DWP are using UJM as a man in the middle attack.
Claimant----------------->UJM--------->Real Job Site.

Request search            SNOOP             Forward Original Search

Why cant I just go to CV_Library direct? I know why, Do you?